Calculator for Primary Energy Factor (PEF)

The Primary energy factor (PEF) is an energy indicator used for quantifying the primary energy use of a plant. It is calculated by using the methodology described in the European Standard EN 15316-4-5. Using this calculator, the coefficient of the PEF is obtained by:

  • Consumed heat
  • Fuel input to the Heating Plant (HP) and Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  • Electricity production of the cogeneration plants
  • Fuel
  • Its primary resource factor (indicates how much primary energy is used to generate a unit of heat and electricity).

PEF shows heat and electricity production efficiencies and allows a comparison among different DH companies or different scenario. The lower the PEF, the higher the energy production efficiency of the DH company. The main users of this tool can be DH operators to have an overview about the energy efficiency of heat distribution processes or heat losses in the grid. This tool can also be used by municipalities and national stakeholders to evaluate the DH companies and write specific regulation acts to consequently give regulatory advices.

Lignite coal
Hard coal
Natural gas
Excess heat e.g. from industrial proc.
Regenerative Energies (e.g. Wood)
Waste as Fuel, Landfill Gas
Electrical Power, European Average

Primary energy factor (PEF):

Primary energy factor (PEF):